Our Strategies

At Sands Capital, we believe that innovative businesses, able to sustain growth for many years, are essential building blocks of wealth creation. Accordingly, all of our strategies concentrate investments in what we believe are high-quality businesses that are leaders in their respective industries. Each strategy is committed to executing our single growth philosophy and takes a long-term approach in our effort to deliver on our mission.

Select Growth

Since 1992, the primarily U.S.-focused Select Growth strategy has provided clients with exposure to the businesses we believe are the best growth opportunities available. Portfolio weightings generally reflect our conviction in each business’s strength of fit with our six investment criteria, as well as their prospects for delivering above-average earnings growth over time.

Global Growth

An unconstrained approach to global investing that applies the same research discipline and six investment criteria to build a long-term, concentrated portfolio. The Global Growth strategy aims to provide exposure to the highest-quality, longest-duration growth businesses, we can find anywhere in the world.

Global Leaders

A concentrated portfolio that applies our six investment criteria to a global opportunity set. The Global Leaders portfolio seeks to own businesses growing at above average rates, while also emphasizing the stability of that growth as well as the associated free cash generation, returns on capital, and returns of capital.

Emerging Markets Growth

Given the depth and global capabilities of our investment team, the Emerging Markets Growth strategy is a natural extension of our research platform. Fundamental, bottom-up stock selection and the application of our six investment criteria results in a concentrated and conviction-weighted portfolio that is quite different from traditional benchmarks.

Specialty Strategies

Sands Capital manages several specialty strategies, namely, two focused portfolios and a technology innovators portfolio.

Our Focus strategies are designed to magnify investors’ exposure to what we think are the businesses that best fit with our six investment criteria. Portfolio holdings for the Focus strategies come from the holdings of all of our four strategies. Our Technology Innovators strategy leverages our deep global technology sector research to provide investors with exposure to what we think are the most innovative technology companies around the world, without regard to market capitalization.For more detailed information, please contact us.