Frank M. Sands, Sr., established a research-driven, client-focused culture that has been the backbone of Sands Capital since 1992.

Every aspect of the Sands Capital culture is geared towards delivering upon our mission. As Sands Capital has grown over the years, we have remained focused on protecting a client-centered, research-driven environment where exceptional people can contribute collectively to add value for clients. We believe many success factors formulate the lasting culture of Sands Capital and provide a clear competitive advantage for our clients. Below are some attributes that we hold in high regard and believe are critical for high-performing teams that add value over the long term.

Core Values

Integrity & Trust: Do what is right, not what is popular. Deliver on commitments.

Client-Centered: Always act in the best interest of our clients.

Commitment to Excellence: Strive to learn and improve. Implement best practices.

Supporting Values

Focus: Identify and concentrate on what matters.

Long-Term Perspective: Appreciate that time allows sound decisions to demonstrate their worth. Avoid short-term thinking.

Independent Thinking: Have the courage to develop and articulate your own convictions. Debate others openly and honestly.

Teamwork: Collaborate to gather facts, develop perspective, build conviction and support timely decision making.

Positive “Can-Do” Attitude: Demonstrate a willingness to tackle any task.

Graciousness: Reflect kindness and courtesy at all times.

Balance: Enjoy your work while balancing professional activities with interests beyond the firm.

Meritocracy: Know that talent and achievement will drive your success at Sands Capital.